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Some call me O. Most of you will call me Oooohhhh! Let me start by saying I'm not like most of these females. Experience is a teacher and I am an apt pupil. I'm beautiful, quirky, extroverted, and intelligent. I very much enjoy discussing politics, theology, current events, mindfulness, physics, etc. I'm especially interested in sacred geometry, theology, and the general study of the human condition. I always enjoy a respectful debate amongst intelligent people who challenge me to delve into alternative perspectives. I'm sexy, adventurous, experienced, and energetic. I can make you feel SO good. I work alone. I'm a PROUD renegade so please don't come at me with that "manager"nonsense. I just wanna ride. I can do it fast, I can throw it back, I can ride in circles. I can teach you to do my dance. Unlike a lot of providers today, I'm exactly who I claim to be. I can offer complete discretion, cleanliness, honesty,and total satisfaction. I'm not here to screw anyone over. I'm not out for an easy come up. This is MY business and l treat it as such. That said, all you hustlin backward ass females need to get right. Not only are you screwing yourself over, you're fuckin up the whole game. STOP ROBBING YOUR CLIENTS! If you don't want them send them my way. I digress. If you want to spend some time with a clean, intelligent, sexy , black female, If you want that grip, if you're tired of being scammed, get at me.